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A potential home buyer needs to picture themselves in your rooms, and quirky decorating or pictures of the your family may hurt that illusion. Remove all family photos and personal items and, if necessary, paint brightly coloured walls a more neutral shade.


Tip-Top Condition

Make sure everything in your home is in tip-top condition. Replace all torn screens, burnt out light bulbs, repair cracked plaster, paint and refresh walls if needed.


A Clean Kitchen

The kitchen is a major focal point for buyers, make sure all of your counters are clear. Store all small appliances and serving dishes or trays away in cupboards.


Hotel Chic Look

Create a chic hotel look in your master bedroom and master bath. Add crisp linens, multiple pillows and shams at the foot of our bed. Add fresh towels,decorative vases and flowers in your bathroom to provide a luxurious feel.

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